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Car Accidents & Injuries

Car Accidents & Injuries

“Dr. Chad and Dr. Ashley made the awful experience of being in an accident the best patient care experience I have ever had. Each visit, Dr. Chad made me feel like I was his only patient, even though I know I wasn’t. He never rushed my treatment and he took time out to explain everything I was going through and exactly what I needed to do to feel better. I went in barely being able to walk and I’m right back to working out.”
Kiara J

All You Want To Do Is Get Past The Car Accident.
Let’s Turn The Page On Your Injuries Faster.

You didn’t ask to be in this situation. It just happened. Another car came out of nowhere and hit you. But even though you never saw your car accident coming and the injuries that would follow, you deserve a corresponding level of care to guide you along the road back to physical health that you never knew you would need.

That’s what makes our time with you at Queen City Chiropractic & Sports Performance so unique during your chiropractic treatment after a car accident. We know you want to feel a real difference in your body sooner rather than later. But you can’t get the results you want from merely laying on a table, having hot towels placed on you, stretching a little and repeating that routine numerous times.

In our experience with car accident patients, real change comes from giving you the utmost attention with an individualized, custom treatment plan developed for you. That way, you can move beyond this very challenging time in your life with as much of a full recovery as possible – physically and, in turn, emotionally.

Knowing that your car accident injuries can make for a prolonged treatment process where we treat you multiple times, we want your family to feel welcome in our environment. As you transition back to health, feel free to bring in your family for their injuries, even if a family member just needs to have a nagging injury checked out by Dr. Chad or Dr. Ashley for their peace of mind that it isn’t something more serious.

Full recuperation from even minor car accident injuries may require more than just time and rest. All injuries, even negligible, should be taken seriously to minimize the risk of prolonged or unnecessary discomfort in the future. We can help.

If you’ve been recently injured in a car accident, a smoother path back to recovery begins when you call Queen City Chiropractic & Sports Performance at 704.940.3670.