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Sports Performance

Sports Performance

"Being an athlete all of my life, I have had the pleasure to be in the presence of great chiropractic doctors. Dr. Chad at Queen City Chiropractic & Sports Performance is one of the best Chiropractors I have had. Even though this was an unfortunate, non-athletic injury, he has exceeded my expectations of recovery.”
Stefani E.

You Can’t Live With Pain Like This.
Good. Neither Can He.

Before he was a chiropractor, Dr. Chad Robertson was an athletic trainer and dealt with a nagging sports injury from playing baseball in college. Sleeping in a very uncomfortable dorm room bed didn’t help either. Some doctors suggested that he have surgery or some extensive rehab, but these paths weren’t appealing. Then he received the suggestion that he see a chiropractor. Dr. Chad thought he’d give chiropractic care a try.

After five or six chiropractic sessions, Dr. Chad noticed a significant improvement. It left such an impression that he wanted to learn more since he was already studying the rehab world. So, after college graduation, he attended chiropractic school and found his true calling.

Today, at Queen City Chiropractic, Dr. Chad can mesh these experiences as a sports medicine rehab specialist with athletic training and chiropractic care.