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Children's Sports Injuries

Let’s Ensure Pain Isn’t On Your Child’s Team

When your child is on a traveling sports team, they’re putting their bodies through the same amount of stress that an adult would. But, unlike an adult, their joints and ligaments are immature and not able to help them deal with the repeated stress of rigorous athletic activity quite as well. Unfortunately, kids are good at ignoring their pain because they want to continue to play too.

However, if you suspect that your young athlete is putting aside the pain in order to play, that’s where Queen City Chiropractic comes in to help them recover faster, hopefully.

Thanks to a focused session plan with Dr. Chad Robertson, your child will not only be back on the road to recovery or even toward being a better athlete, the injury will not hinder their development nor will it affect them as an adult.  They’ll be better positioned to be healthier adults because they’re no longer playing through injury and potentially doing further harm to their body as a result that they’re going to regret later on.

It makes adolescence one of the most essential times in their lives to receive chiropractic care. If you’re a parent, coach or pediatrician, call Queen City Chiropractic at 704.940.3670 and talk with your doctor about a recovery plan for helping your kids return to game play in a manner that’s healthier for this season and many seasons after that.