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“Queen City Chiropractic is the best and most qualified chiropractic service that I have ever used. Dr. Chad is so qualified, and he is caring. I love them completely and recommend them to anyone having any kind of body or muscle pain.”
Mary M.

Go Where The Pros In Charlotte Go For Chiropractic Care

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another chiropractor in Charlotte who has more experience in the professional training room than Dr. Chad Robertson. As the official team chiropractor for the Charlotte Checkers, he’s the go-to resource to ensure each team’s key players spend less time off the court or the ice due to injury. Since he provides an honest diagnosis on the player’s recovery time, while in good communication with the other team doctors, teams can plan for the interim until they expect to get that player back on the roster.

The good thing? Dr. Chad’s high level of experience and straightforward action plans aren’t just reserved for the pros. Although Dr. Chad is a member of the sports medicine staff for the Charlotte Checkers, he is here for your club sports team, college team players, high school athletes, and even travel sports teams for kids. Give him a call to schedule your appointment at 704.940.3670.