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Wellness Club

Dr. Chad and Dr. Ashley have extensive knowledge and with an individualized treatment plan, they provide excellent therapy and care. Their staff is very attentive and helpful and welcome you as soon as you walk through the door. If you want the best, look no further and make your appointment with Dr. Chad and Dr. Ashley. I’m so happy I did!

Caring About Your Health And Wellness.
There’s No “Off” Switch For That.

It’s easy to think that receiving chiropractic care only happens when you’re in pain. In reality, chiropractic treatments were not initially intended or developed to treat pain. They were designed to improve physiological function. If we improve function, we typically resolve pain. Think of how often you’re sitting in an office chair for more than an hour or staring down at your phone or tablet 100 times a day. The fact is, we rely on technology so much that our bodies have gotten away from our natural positioning, which is to be standing and moving. And if you don’t feel that difference right now, it’s only a matter of time before you will. Technology allows us to become less active. When we are consistently less active, our body doesn’t move as efficiently and problems will arise over time.

That’s why our Wellness Club is designed for individuals like you – people who may not be doubled over in pain at the moment but are concerned about how your health will be impacted down the road if you don’t do anything. The Wellness Club focuses on prevention.

Naturally, Queen City Chiropractic Care & Sports Performance is here for you in the times that you’re hurting – but that’s not our only role. If you find yourself having just a bit more discomfort than usual at homework, or working from home, such as your legs feeling stiff when you stand up, don’t dismiss those small aches and pains. Our Wellness Club can go a long way toward addressing those problem areas now, including a home program comprised of stretches and posture exercises to prevent more significant problems later. Prevention care is always easier than urgent care.

Caring proactively for your health and wellness is a full-time responsibility you owe to yourself and the people in your life counting on you. And when you receive the right guidance for your body, you might just be surprised at what you can accomplish.

To learn more about joining the Wellness Club at Queen City Chiropractic & Sports Performance, call us at 704.940.3670.