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8 Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor During and After Pregnancy

Picture of pregnant woman holding her womb

During pregnancy, many women find that physical comfort becomes one of the most significant issues they face. As your baby grows inside you, everything begins to shift and adjust. Stress is placed on nerves and muscles in a way you’ve likely never experienced before.

And while the overall process may be joyous and exciting, this added strain on your body can make many daily activities a challenge.

Should I See a Chiropractor While Pregnant?

It is considered safe during pregnancy in the majority of cases.

In some circumstances, it may not be a good idea, but your chiropractor will know which questions to ask before treatment to make sure you are a good candidate and that both you and your baby are safe.

Luckily, there are many chiropractic benefits you will receive while pregnant and you will find that your pregnancy progresses much more smoothly and your comfort levels will improve.

Chiropractic treatments after you have the baby are also beneficial. Here are 8 benefits of seeing a chiropractor before and after pregnancy.

1 – Proper Pelvic Alignment

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association recommends chiropractic care for women during pregnancy to help establish pelvic balance and optimize space for the baby to develop. As your body changes, pelvic misalignments can make it difficult for the baby to get into the proper birthing position.

With regular chiropractic treatments, proper pelvic alignment and balance can be maintained throughout the pregnancy. This will encourage a safe and smooth delivery.

2 – Improved Function in the Nervous System

With so many changes taking place in your body, it’s crucial that your nervous system is functioning the way it should. Spinal misalignment and subluxations can hinder the ability of your nervous system to work at optimal levels.

When you receive chiropractic treatment during pregnancy, your body can adjust in the way it needs. Your nervous system won’t be adversely affected.

3 – Low Back Pain Relief

Low back pain is one of the most common physical issues pregnant women face. As the baby grows and your body shifts to create the necessary room, your posture will also change and cause tension in the spine and muscles of the lower back.

In one survey, almost 85% of women that received chiropractic care during pregnancy reported reduced back pain.

With regular treatment, misalignments can be corrected to alleviate the pressure that contributes to the pain. You can also avoid having to take pain medications to mask the pain because you’re treating the cause rather than just the symptoms.

4 – Reduce Hip Pain and Discomfort

For many women, simply getting around becomes more and more difficult as pregnancy progresses. As your posture changes and hips tighten up, walking becomes a challenge. This makes it difficult to stay active or even perform normal daily activities.

With regular chiropractic treatment, you will experience fluid motion in the hip joints. This should make walking more comfortable.

And as with back pain, you can avoid unnecessary pain medications and focus on treating the cause.

5 – Shorter Labor and Delivery

Everyone has heard horror stories of 18-hour labors and marathon deliveries; some of you may have even experienced them yourselves. The hope for every pregnant woman is a short labor and smooth delivery.

With chiropractic care during pregnancy your possibility for experiencing that increases.

Since your body will be in proper alignment and the baby will be in the appropriate position for a natural birth, labor time may be shorter. The need for cesarean delivery or other medical interventions are also reduced.

6 – Reduction in the Need for Pain Medication

The number of women who pledge to make it through the delivery and birth without needing any pain medication is usually much higher than the amount who are actually able to do it.

That’s not because of a lack of will or determination. It’s because the process is quite painful. Many women get to a point where they simply need some relief.

One of the chiropractic benefits while pregnant is that 50% of women who received regular treatments claimed a reduced need for pain medication. When everything is in alignment, the process is smoother, and the level of pain is less.

7 – Faster Physical Recovery

After the baby, recovery times can vary due to loosened ligaments, nerve issues, and misalignments that occurred during the pregnancy. Get in to see your chiropractor shortly after giving birth to correct these issues.

Your treatments will help to restore nerve function and communication, it will correct subluxations that may have occurred during the delivery, and it can even help with breastfeeding.

Pregnancy and childbirth is an intense physical event. Seeing a chiropractor afterward will help restore your body to its original, pre-pregnancy condition.

8 – Lower Likelihood of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is a serious condition that many women suffer through, and it can affect their lives for quite some time after delivery. In severe cases, postpartum depression has even been blamed for new mothers harming their babies.

Make no mistake, this is a medical issue that requires a doctor’s care.

However, chiropractic treatments during and after pregnancy can stimulate endorphin release which has been clinically shown to improve a person’s mood.

Again, if you are experiencing more than just the “baby blues,” then see your doctor. But, keeping up with chiropractic care may offer some relief when facing stressful situations.

Want to know more?

If you have decided that you want to try to conceive, if you are currently pregnant, or if you’ve recently delivered and are recovering, chiropractic treatment can offer you a range of benefits that will enhance your life.

Through every step of the process, chiropractic care will keep your body properly aligned, so you are as comfortable as possible.

Are you pregnant and looking for extra comfort during this exciting time? Contact us today for a free consultation.