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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

"I felt educated, encouraged and like I was working with true professionals. This is a wonderful practice and I am currently working with Dr. Ashley for maternity chiropractic care as we are pregnant with our 6th child!! Book now! Your back, neck and whatever else ails you will thank you!"
Yakita B.

9 Months In A Confined Space.
Are You Sure Everything Is Well Aligned?

For a very long period, your baby has been in a fetal position where everything is quite compressed. Hopefully, everything is in alignment, but if it’s not, this is a good reason your child doesn’t seem to be crawling correctly. Their walking appears to be a bit delayed in what is considered the typical timeframe.

That’s Why The First Few Months Is Crucial For Seeing Us

After delivery, as soon as possible, make an appointment with Dr. Ashley Schatzman at Queen City Chiropractic & Sports Performance. She can provide you the peace of mind that your baby has the proper alignment and during their early stages of development after birth.

If your child is now a toddler, consider this: You’re probably not going to have a toddler who approaches you and says, “I’m having headaches” or “I’m having back pain.” Until they can talk and express where the pain is coming from, when in doubt, talk to us. Even though a body issue with your child may be traumatic, we’ll supply the care, compassion and transparency to let you know what to expect in the days to come. And that should go a long way toward helping you breathe easier as a parent knowing you’re being proactive on your child’s behalf.

If you have a toddler, this is a very rapid period for physical development and coordination. Think of how many times a toddler falls when learning to walk. They usually aren’t injured, but frequent spinal checks can help your child develop naturally in the most efficient way possible. If they do experience an injury, we can expedite recovery.

Dr. Ashley can help develop the most effective health strategies for your child. Schedule your post-delivery appointment with Dr. Ashley at 704.940.3670.