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Your First Visit

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

“After having tried various clinics upon moving to the Charlotte area, I find Drs. Ashley and Chad are the best! I recently experienced the benefits of chiropractic care during my 2nd pregnancy and it was a huge benefit to not only keeping my body in tip-top shape during the pregnancy but also I believe played a big part in having a successfully short and easy birth experience.”
Tia W.

From The First Visit,
You’re Feeling Better In More Ways Than One

As you come to Queen City Chiropractic & Sports Medicine for your initial visit with Dr. Ashley, you’ll be asked a question that may seem unusual at first:

What is your health goal?

There’s a reason why we ask this. Some pregnant women want to relieve their discomfort and yes, we can help with these concerns. But others also want to understand how to potentially have a smoother experience in labor. That might very well apply to you, too, right?

 What about your goals for life?

What other things or activities would you like to resume if possible while you’re pregnant and after your delivery? How can we work together to make those things happen now and in the immediate months after your pregnancy?

Through your initial consultation, we might ask about other aspects of your health history that may have contributed to your present discomfort. For example, was there something that happened two years ago that could have caused the pain? Was there a car accident or sports injury from long-distance running years ago? By uncovering these types of post-traumas, we may find other areas to address with your treatment plan that you hadn’t considered because it’s hard to identify that source yourself when it isn’t blatantly obvious.

All in all, the first visit sets a relationship in motion that is both relaxing and empowering. You feel greater control over your own body when we develop a treatment plan together with a focused mutual goal. You can minimize physical pain while maximizing emotional wellness by talking through the challenges contributing to your current state of stress.  

And that goal you have? You never have to try and reach it on your own because we are a team! Discover how much better the path can be by formulating a plan with Dr. Ashley and putting it into action!  Call to arrange your free initial conversation with Dr. Ashley at 704.940.3670.