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Trimester Treatments

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

“I suffered back pain and migraine headaches for over 20 years. I was 37 weeks pregnant when I was in a bad car accident in 2014 and was referred to Dr. Ashley. She treated me before and after the baby was born. I was in horrible pain and could hardly take care of the baby, but Dr. Ashley is amazing. The neck and back pain and headaches I suffered for so long are no longer there. I have since recommended her to 8 of my friends and they all see her.”
Lorie D.

Every Trimester Brings New Challenges.
Fortunately, We’re Way Ahead Of You.

For every trimester of your pregnancy, a new type of discomfort may emerge, which necessitates a specific kind of treatment that’s made for that particular stage. As a chiropractor with pregnancy certifications, Dr. Ashley has a deep understanding of what you need to feel better right now and in the months to come.


In the early pregnancy stage, women often experience some headaches initially (let’s face it – your hormones are going a little crazy at this point!). Since you’re probably still working during this trimester, you’ll be sitting most of your day. This is where we’re likely to focus on your upper back as the prolonged sitting combined with additional breast tissue can frequently cause more considerable pain in the upper back if left unattended. As a result, our sessions during the first trimester will usually focus on this area.


As the fetus starts to grow during this trimester and you usually begin to put on a little bit more weight from pregnancy, we want to address some of the lower back discomfort you may be feeling. Numbness and tingling of sciatica are due to your expanding abdomen pulling your center of gravity forward, creating more pressure on the spine and nerves. So we’ll look to relieve the stress you’re feeling here as well as any neck and upper back discomfort that may be noticed.


We’re in the “home stretch” of your pregnancy, but that’s also when we typically see some significant weight transfer as the baby starts to drop from that seventh month point on, resulting in increased discomfort in the abdomen, lower back or ankles. We’ll continue to treat any sciatica pain you’re feeling with techniques that employ moist heat, soft tissue massage, light stretching and gentle adjustments.

For real options in every trimester for relief from discomfort, make an appointment with Dr. Ashley today at 704.940.3670. We have a plan in place to help reduce any unnecessary pain so your pregnancy can be as beautiful and comfortable as possible for you and your baby.